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Are you considering selling through our auctions?

Choose us if you want to sell your items without any worries!

To succeed in selling unique & exclusive items, you need both skills, accurate descriptions, valuations & registration, photography, Publishing, keyword optimization, marketing, payment solutions, storage & transportation.
Everything takes its time and everything requires its special skills.

Sell thrue us if you want to choose the safe and smooth way for you as a seller.
Selling online opens many ports that were previously closed, the main advantage is that everyone can join and bid, especially those who would fint it hard at being in a physical auction in another city.
Test us and see the benefits of our auction platform.

Please read more in our FAQ for answers about selling on our auction.

Our base is located in Umeå, but we serve the whole north Sweden with free valuations and sales of your items.

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I want to sell! What do I do?


Contact us first and foremost by email, phone, or use our contact form and tell us what you are thinking about selling. We also perform free home visits and on-site valuation. If your case applies to larger parts of a home, inheritance or special collections, we would like you to contact us for a time-booking.
Please test our valuation form if you are able to take good pictures.


Once you have decided to sell, you can come in with your objects to us and we will set the valuation and sign a contract for sale. We start working on publishing and marketing as soon as possible, and your items will soon be out all around the world for all the admirers.
Please note that we have separate times for submission on site, please read more, contact us.

You can find our premises on Skolgatan 53, 90327 Umeå.

Keep in mind that we can also handle pickup of goods, please contact us.


Payments from your sold items usually take place within 30 days after the end of the auction, provided that the buyer has paid in time for the item.
We can not hurry this process.
After a buyer has paid we will always transfer the seller's money to a client agent account where the money is frozen until the buyer has received his goods & accepted its condition and authenticity.
Our auctions are ongoing and you can always visit our website to follow your own auction.

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What can you sell for me?

For the sake of simplicity, we say that we sell everything in the category antiques, art, retro & design, but it does not stop there, we see the advantage with offering an auction platform locally that reaches international which ultimately pays for significantly higher end prices.

You also do not have to worry about selling on your own.

We have made the decision that we also can sell older vehicles, motorcycles, mopeds and more.
We sell only complete, or almost complete items, we have said no opportunity to offer partial sales.

Remember! It's also fun with auctions! Contact us and we'll take care of everything, lean back & see what high prices are offered by this sales method.

How do your auctions work?

We usually organize auctions once a month, your items are coming online quickly, to speed up handling and payment.
If an item is recalled, we will try up to 3 times before we consider that the item is not available for sale.

If you do not want to retrieve the item, we will be able to remove it for charity.
Exclamation prices are determined by our valuation staff as well as external expertise.

We are also an approved auction house for one of the world's largest auction sites when it comes to exclusive international items,
We personally select which items that need extra international traction.

What does it cost to sell with you?

We take a fixed commission of 18% of sellers at club prices including VAT.
Unlike many other auction houses, we do not charge a refund fee (fee even if an item is not sold)
We do not charge any additional fees for photography, insurance or other fees.

What you get from our fees:

* Access to the huge auction market in Sweden and worldwide - Sell at the right price.
* Access to our staff who carefully review your items - avoid problems later.
* Access to our equipment and photographers 
* Access to specialized marketing - we gather everything in one place and can therefore invest more in reaching out.
* Access to our transport solutions; We pack & ship sales not only in the immediate area but to the whole world.
* Access to our financial system - Lean back and get paid without complications.
* Access to our driving force - we like what we do!

Keep in mind before contacting us

Do we have space for your items?
Larger bulky items such as furniture and complete dishes take place, please contact us before you pass by so we can ensure that we have the space you need.

Minimum value?
The lowest value of an individual item must be valued from us to at least 1000 SEK.
If the value is lower, we are unfortunately unable to sell.
Some specific cases like collections, etc., can still be addressed.
Even if a product is valued at 1000, we may choose not to include it on the auction if we consider the item hard to be sold or not placed on the auction.
Contact us if you have any questions.

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