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Today we can proudly announce that we are Umeå & The norths first and only web-based auction house focusing on exclusive items in antique, art, retro & design!

We have tailored the entire business to the best of our customers, we are flexible in all directions, which means, among other things, that we offer free home valuation, advantageous transport solutions around the world, generous opening hours & stable support.

We are passionate about our work so we always meet with a happy mood!

In addition to the flexibility, we offer an auction platform that reaches international standards, great expertise from our valuations, advanced photo studio for the best profile of the objects, structured storage systems and modern payment solutions.

Welcome to us at Norrlands Auktionsverk AB!

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Focus on exclusivity!

Norrlands Auktionsverk AB is the first auction house north of Sweden focused on exclusive items in antique, art, retro & design. Our staff personally select which items that are placed on the auction in order to follow the red thread & maintain a high standard. Norrlands Auktionsverk AB also takes on special assignments such as anonymous sales, help with certificate of authenticity, provenance research, and guidance on how to best sell your unique item. There are several ways to choose, but we believe that in North of Sweden we are the obvious choice to turn to when it comes to exclusive sales that require that little extra. Norrlands Auktionsverk AB is also tailored to the customer's best. This also applies to fees & commissions. We work with a modern mind, which means we sometimes work against the stream, we never use hidden fees.


The basic idea with Norrlands Auktionsverk AB is to serve the whole North of Sweden with professional valuations and international sales. Our system is advanced & works with all the world's portals to find the buyer for your particular item. Norrlands Auktionsverk AB holds high end prizes for exclusive art as well as local Swedish objects. Our base is located in Umeå, where the largest part of research, profiling and extradition takes place, but we perform valuations throughout the whole North. The idea is to expand branches in the future to cover the whole North so that the customer is closer to the collection and delivery points. We will also offer free shipping of your won items between our branches. Buy an item from Skellefteå, for example, free delivery to Örnsköldsvik. In order to be successful, we also need help from you. Together we can preserve our cultural heritage.

Service & Knowledge

Norrlands Auktionsverk AB is based on great service thinking and know-how. We have attracted the right excellence in all types of items, thus becoming a very complete business that can handle the sale of exclusive items. Our staff understands the importance of providing unique services to meet your needs and answer your questions. We always meet you with professional quality in addition to the usual when it comes to service. We never take a chance! even though it may mean that we have to spend hours or days on your item. Our business should always follow the red thread & nothing will be left by chance. In addition to a wide know-how & service mind, we often go against the stream & always think about what's best for the customer, right now we offer one of the market's lowest shipping prices for your auction winnings.

Johannes Linder, Valuator appointed by the Chamber of Commerce

Art, Graphics, Sculptures, Jewelry, Silverware, Sami craft & Chinese porcelain

Telephone number: +4690-122211

Jonas Linder, Valuator

Glass, Art, Ceramics, Clocks, Photo & Weapons, Furniture.

Telephone number: +4690-122211

Maja Skönby, Valuator

Art, Graphics, Ceramics, Pocelaine, Jewelry, Vintage & Fashion.

Telephone number: +4690-122211

Ingrid Lindforss, Valuation consultant

Carpets, Textile & Porcelain.

​Telephone number: +46 90-122211

Kim Linder, Valuator

Art & Graphics, Photo Art, Jewelry, Silverware, Photo & Retro

Ceclia Andersson, Valuator

Art & Graphics, Ceramics, Jewelry, Fashion & Vintage.
Telephone number: +4690-122211,

Lars Wiglöv


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