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Is this the first time you bid on our auction?
Please read our FAQ for answers.

An auction with us means selling one or more items by take in bids from interested buyers in Sweden as well as internationally.
We have seen the benefits of online auctions and we hope that you as potential buyer will feel the same.

Welcome to our auction platform!

Do you have trouble using our platform online to place bids? Feel free to contact us if you want to make a phone call.

Do you want to look at the objects in reality?
You are welcome to visit our "Showroom" during our opening hours. At each auction, we will design the entire room with the items from the auction.
Please visit us during your next city visit in Umea / Sweden.

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I want to bid! How to do it?


You must first register an account, which only takes a minute. This is done thrue "To the auction" in the menu. After registration you will receive an e-mail with your customer number and password. You must then login within 24 hours to activate the account, If you do not receive an email? Check your junk mail. If you are having difficulty registering, you are more than welcome to
contact our customer service.

Click here to get directly to the registration.

Log in

Now you're up! To log in, click the "My Pages" button at the top of the page, then click the "Tasks" button.
You can already now make a bid on an item you're interested in, or save the item as a favorite to watch later.
Keep in mind that you are also welcome to visit us to look at all the items in reality!
It may be good to look at items with us before you bid if you are unsure of condition, size or weight, even though we always describe our objects with the highest ability and image resolution.


If you have found an interesting item, you can now place a bid.
You can also let our platform automatically bid for you by entering your maximum bid.
Please click around the platform to learn all the smart features, one tip may be to use our Email Reminders so you do not miss an item.

Item won, Delivery & Pickup

A few days after auction ends, you will receive an email or phone call with your winnings and instructions as the highest bidder. If you were the highest bidder and did not receive an email within 5 business days, please feel free to contact us. The result of the auction will be published shortly here on our website under "Closed Auctions".
Pickup takes place within 5 working days from our local if you choose to pick up on site.
If you are unable to retrieve within 5 days, please contact us for dispensation. If you are unable to pick up the goods yourself, we can arrange transportation worldwide, Read more in our FAQ on transport.

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Before you bid!

Keep in mind that all our goods are used in any sense. It is of big importance to examine the item you are interested in carefully before submitting a bid. If you are unsure of an item, before you bid, ask more questions, ask for more pictures or visit our local so you can view & review the item.

We attach great importance to profiling the products carefully as well as writing condition reports that are consistent with reality, usually well taken.

We know, as an example, that many auction houses never print weight, we have chosen to write weights on all items that we consider to be essential.
If you have other questions, please feel free to call our support phone or read more in our FAQ.

Estimate? Droit de suite? Reserve price?

There are many words in the auction industry that can be a question mark for you as a buyer. In our FAQ you can read exactly what all terms mean.

Estimate! Is the term we use as a benchmark for the actual value of the item and is usually based on previous auction's final price, note that this is only a benchmark and the actual closing price may either be higher or lower depending on bidding and interest from speculators.

Reserve price! Is the term we use that means that it is the lowest bid that the auction has to get in for it to be sold.
Reserve price is the absolute lowest price the seller may think of selling the item for and usually is approximately 40% lower than the estimate price, but may also be lower or higher.

Right of follow / Droit De Suite! The term applies to certain works of art and is a fee that goes to the artist or its heirs for the resale of their works.
Right of follow-up is a law that must be followed.
Each item charged with droit de suite is marked in the auction and usually amounts to extra 5% of the final price.

Commission & Payment

You as a buyer pay a commission of 22.5% + 80 swedish SEK on the club price including VAT.
Example: An item you intend to buy costs 1000 SEK, the total cost will then be 1305 SEK (this cost is also shown before you bid on our platform)

Payment after billing must be made within 5 working days of the auction, if you are prevented, it is important to notify us.
Payment can be made on site upon pickup, we accept card payments, swish as well as bank & wire transfers.
Norrlands Auktionsverk AB is a completely cash-free business.

In case of no contact, payment or withdrawal, we charge a storage fee depending on the size of the item, we also cooperate with Swesum debt collection.

Pickup & Transportation

Pickup of objects takes place in our premises at Skolgatan 53, 90327 Umeå / Sweden during our opening hours.
Read more under "contact" to see our opening hours.

If you are unable to retrieve your item in Umeå, We offer several other options for transports worldwide.
Read more in our FAQ on transport.

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