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Norrland's first web-based auction house

Right now the submission is underway for our upcoming quality auction which we will release on our website on August 22!​

We have returned to normal opening hours after the holiday month that took place during July.

Contact us today to secure your place, we will value your items free of charge.

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Andersson Knives at Norrlands Auktionsverk
Andersson Knives at Norrlands Auktionsverk
We are very happy to be able to present a knife exhibition in our premises this summer, an exhibition which runs from the time of writing until the 31st of August.
The knives are made by father and son Mikael and André Andersson, who have started their journey towards mastering the art form since 1999 with their own forge in Bullmark. Today, a unison international market holds the said craftsman as among the world's foremost in the field.
The exhibition is not currently for sale, but is to be regarded as a viewing exhibition.
Very welcome to us at Formvägen 3 in Ersboda where it can be seen.

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Norrlands Auktionsverk AB is Norrland's first web-based auction house with a focus on exclusive objects in antiques, art, jewellery, retro & design.
Our platform is built to reach potential buyers of the auction items worldwide.
Our staff has extensive experience, which guarantees correct asking prices & professional profiling.

You will find our base in Umeå, but we serve the whole of Norrland with home valuations & sales of your objects.

Do you have a larger batch of items?

Book a free  home valuation.
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Gift cards!

Giving a gift always sounds easy in the mind, but when the big day approaches, you usually stand there empty-handed without any concrete ideas. In addition, you often make too high demands on yourself & forget that simplicity is usually best.

Take the easy way & give away a gift card at Norrlands Auktionsverk.
In addition to a very large selection of unique & beautiful things, the recipient also receives an exciting challenge in an auction.

Are you interested?
Send an email to or come by our premises at Formvägen 3 Umeå and we will help you.